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Rail Spike Seax


The Seax is a Viking style of knife. The sharp angle point provides tremendous piercing power combined with a straight blade and razor sharp edge. 
The seax lends itself well to most any situation, being large and powerful enough to pierce into organs even through cloth and armor of old.

Popping chainmail and pushing through the cloth, only a plate will keep you safe 

This powerful blade style is given a more modern twist being forged from a HC or "High Carbon" railroad spike. The rail spike is not an ideal blade material as it lacks enough carbon to properly harden and temper. Thus making it hold less of an edge than say O1 (Tool Steel) or especially 5160 (Spring Steel).

This is a well known and documented metallurgical fact. 
That being said, its much better steel than what was available at the time, thus making it a great improvement over antiquity. 
To further this compliment the edge geometry is also specially designed for the material in use. A convex edge gets shaving sharp and holds that sharpness better than any other edge design. So if your seax skips on bone, there will be no dings or deformations in the blade. 

The handle of the spike is twisted to improve the grip. 
The grip is the place to carve runes into. Each of the 4 sides of the rail spike handle will hold about 6 runes sized for the material. 

If you would like runes carved into your knife handle use the attached elder futhark rune map and tell me what you want where in the comment section at check out.
You can also E-mail me in addition to the notes on the comments.

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