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Legendary Iron Dagger of the Silent Storm


Product Details:

  • Name: Legendary Iron Dagger of the Silent Storm
  • Type: Weapon
  • Origin: The ancient anvils of Skyrim
  • Enchantment: Wind Walker's Edge
  • Material: High-Quality Iron, Quenched in Dragon's Blood
  • Color: Stormy Grey with Ethereal Blue Highlights
  • Feature: Engraved with Runes of Silence and Swiftness


  • Ancient Forging Technique: Crafted with iron as old as Skyrim itself, using lost techniques that produce a blade unmatched in quality.
  • Wind Walker's Enchantment: This dagger is enchanted to slice through the air with no sound, allowing for stealthy takedowns of foes.
  • Dragon's Breath Tempering: The iron is tempered in actual dragon's breath, hardening the blade to cut through the toughest of armors.
  • Rune-etched Blade: The runes etched upon its surface are not only for show; they imbue the dagger with the essence of the storm, granting speed to the wielder's strikes.
  • Compact and Deadly: Its size makes it easy to conceal and quick to draw, making it a favorite for those who rely on speed and surprise.

Product Description:

The Legendary Iron Dagger of the Silent Storm is a weapon that tells a tale of a time when dragons ruled the sky and heroes roamed the land. It is a blade for those who value stealth and precision over brute force, perfect for the adventurer who strikes from the darkness and leaves no trace.

With a grip wrapped in the finest leather from the hides of Skyrim's beasts and a balance that feels like an extension of one's own arm, this dagger is as much a work of art as it is a tool of war. The runes along the blade are not merely decorative; they are a silent oath of speed and silence, a promise that the wind itself guides your hand.

Whether you are a novice thief or a master assassin, the Legendary Iron Dagger of the Silent Storm is a blade that will not fail you. It is said that to wield it is to walk with the storm's fury and the night's quietude, a combination that has spelled the end for many that dare to threaten the peace of Skyrim.

Price: Worth its weight in tales of valor.

Availability: Rare. Only the most daring or deserving may wield such a blade.