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Freya, also known as Freyja, is a goddess in Norse mythology associated with love, fertility, war, and magic. She is one of the most prominent goddesses in the Norse pantheon and is often depicted as a beautiful and powerful warrior.
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Freya is the daughter of Njord, the god of the sea, and the sister of Frey, the god of fertility. She is also associated with the goddess Frigg, who is sometimes considered her mother. Freya is married to Óðr, who is often absent from the myths, and has two daughters, Hnoss and Gersemi.
~Freya in the Dwarfs's Cave


Freya is known for her beauty and sensual nature. She is often depicted wearing a necklace made of gold called Brísingamen, which is said to have been obtained through trickery. Freya is also associated with cats, particularly the large and powerful Norwegian forest cat, which are said to be her sacred animal.Top 10 famous Norse Mythology
  In addition to her role as a goddess of love and fertility, Freya is also associated with war and death. She is said to lead the Valkyries, who choose the warriors who will die in battle and take them to Valhalla, the hall of the slain. Freya herself is said to have the power to revive the dead.
~Nordic Wiccan: Freya
Freya is mentioned in numerous sources and texts from Norse mythology, including the Poetic Edda, the Prose Edda, and the sagas. In the Poetic Edda, Freya is referenced in poems such as "Lokasenna," "Völuspá," and "Grímnismál." In the Prose Edda, she is mentioned in the Gylfaginning and Skáldskaparmál sections. The sagas also reference Freya, such as in the "Saga of the Ynglings" and the "Saga of Erik the Red."
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Overall, Freya is a complex and multifaceted goddess in Norse mythology, representing both love and war, life and death. She is a powerful figure who commands respect and admiration, and her influence can be seen throughout Norse culture and history.
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Freya in Norse mythology and related texts:
  1. Prose Edda, Gylfaginning: This is a section of Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda that describes the goddesses in Norse mythology. It mentions Freya as one of the goddesses and provides some information about her.

  2. Poetic Edda, Grottasöngr: This is a poem in the Poetic Edda that tells the story of how Freya acquired the necklace Brisingamen from four dwarves.

  3. Poetic Edda, Lokasenna: This is a poem in the Poetic Edda that features a verbal battle between Loki and several gods, including Freya.

  4. Poetic Edda, Hyndluljóð: This is a poem in the Poetic Edda that mentions Freya as one of the goddesses who will protect a woman named Hyndla.

  5. Prose Edda, Skáldskaparmál: This is a section of Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda that provides information about the kennings (poetic descriptions) used to refer to Freya.

  6. Heimskringla, Ynglinga Saga: This is a section of Snorri Sturluson's Heimskringla that tells the story of how the god Odin gave Freya the right to choose half of the slain warriors to dwell in her hall after they died in battle.

  7. Völsunga Saga: This is a saga that tells the story of the hero Sigurd, who falls in love with a woman named Brynhild but later marries Gudrun, who is said to be "as fair as Freya."

  8. Hervarar Saga: This is a saga that tells the story of a warrior named Hervör who seeks the sword of her father, Angantyr. In the story, Freya appears to Hervör and helps her on her quest.

  9. Ynglingatal: This is a poem by the skald (poet) Þjóðólfr of Hvinir that mentions Freya as one of the goddesses honored by the Yngling dynasty of kings.

  10. Skáldskapar Mjaðar: This is a collection of Old Norse poems that mentions Freya in several kennings used to describe other figures.

These are just some of the references to Freya. Her role as a goddess of love, fertility, and war made her an important figure in the mythology and culture of the ancient Norse people.
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