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Skadi, also known as Skathi, is a goddess in Norse mythology who is associated with winter, hunting, skiing, and mountains. She is the daughter of the giant Thiazi and is often depicted as a beautiful and fierce warrior woman.
Skadi - goddess of winter hunting | Norse goddess, Viking character, Norse
Skadi is most famous for her marriage to the god Njord. According to one myth, the gods killed Thiazi and Skadi went to Asgard seeking revenge. Odin allowed her to choose any god as her husband, but only by seeing their feet. Skadi chose the most beautiful pair, assuming they belonged to the god Balder. However, they belonged to Njord, the god of the sea, and she was forced to live with him in his home by the shore.
Skadi Goddess of North by DusanMarkovic on DeviantArt | Fantasy warrior, Fantasy women
As a goddess of winter and the mountains, Skadi was associated with cold, harsh weather and was often depicted wearing furs and carrying a bow and arrows. She was also an expert skier and was said to be able to out-ski anyone, including the god Ullr. Skadi was worshipped by hunters, who would pray to her for success in their hunts.
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In some myths, Skadi is associated with the goddess Hel and is said to have visited her in the underworld in order to learn the art of magic. In others, she is said to have had a romantic relationship with Loki, the trickster god.
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One of the most famous stories about Skadi is the myth of the death of her father, Thiazi. Thiazi was killed by the god Thor, who was angry that he had kidnapped the goddess Idun and stolen her apples, which gave the gods their eternal youth. Skadi demanded compensation for her father's death and was given the option of choosing any of the gods as her husband, as mentioned earlier.
Skadi Ondurdis Round Wood Plaque | Viking art, Norse, Celtic art
Skadi is also mentioned in several Old Norse poems, including the poem Lokasenna, in which she is insulted by Loki at a feast in Asgard. Despite this, Skadi remained a popular figure in Norse mythology and was worshipped by many as a powerful goddess of the wilderness, the hunt, and the mountains.
Skadi / More petroglyph inspired practice similar to the Ymir one. Her spear is a hint at her ...
Skadi in Norse mythology along with their references:
  1. In the Prose Edda, Skadi is introduced as the daughter of the giant Thiazi and is described as a powerful and skilled huntress. (Gylfaginning, chapter 23)

  2. Skadi's marriage to the god Njord is described in several sources, including the Prose Edda, the Poetic Edda, and the Skáldskaparmál. According to the Skáldskaparmál, Skadi chose Njord as her husband based on his beautiful feet, which she mistook for Balder's. (Skáldskaparmál, chapter 23)

  3. The myth of Skadi's revenge on the gods for killing her father Thiazi is mentioned in the Prose Edda. In the story, Skadi demands that the gods compensate her for her loss and is given the opportunity to choose a husband from among them. (Gylfaginning, chapter 23)

  4. Skadi's association with winter and skiing is mentioned in several Old Norse poems, including the poem Skírnismál. In the poem, Skadi is depicted as a skilled skier who challenges the god Ullr to a race. (Skírnismál, stanza 42)

  5. Skadi's visit to the goddess Hel in the underworld is mentioned in the poem Hyndluljóð. In the poem, Skadi seeks Hel's help in learning the art of magic. (Hyndluljóð, stanza 36)

  6. Skadi's romantic relationship with Loki is mentioned in the Skáldskaparmál. In the story, Skadi is said to have fallen in love with Loki after he played a trick on her by tying a rope to a goat and to himself, causing them both to fall into her hall. (Skáldskaparmál, chapter 35)

These are just a few of the many mentions of Skadi in Norse mythology.