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Heal from Covid Vax!
White Pine Needle for Tea
Pine needles contain the source material that Suramin is extracted from, which acts as an antidote to microbial illnesses in general. Suramin has been available to the medical profession for about 100 years. Suramin has inhibitory effects against components of coagulation (clotting) cascade and against the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA. Suramin is synthetic. Pine needles are natural. Our 100% Natural Non-GMO Organic Dried Pine Needle Tea is sourced from the pristine pine forests of Canada. Harvested by hand with traditional Native Amercan ceremony. 
Pi app Crypto Farming (Code Friidom2)
Join Friis and the 150+ other people that have signed up and started mining "Pi" Crypto Currency. This crypto is FREE to mine, you control your own private wallet (once the coin goes live at the end of the year)
At the time of writing this weve mined over 2700 Pi 
The projected and intended value of Pi is $3.14 within the first year of launch. The more people you have sign up, the FASTER you mine. 
To mine, install the app with code Friidom2 and press MINE once every 24 hours. The earlier you get in, the longer you have to mine.

Power Hammer Donation
2020 was hard on us all. For me it meant 3 months of no work at the worst time. I had saved up almost 6000cad to buy this exact 33lb power hammer BUT... 
It was the suggestion of my followers that
if all donated a couple bucks we could have the power hammer in short order. 
Then we'll be forging swords, quitting my job at the mill and begin the real work

I can also accept donations at

Friis Forged Wares
Hand forged by yours truly are a growing number of metalworks available
made upon request. Special orders also accepted.
Email for a custom item!
(Deposit of at least half required for custom work)
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