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Blacksmithing Class Online w/ Friidom2

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Unleash your inner blacksmith with Christopher Friis' Digital Blacksmithing Workshop, accessible online every Wednesday. Hosted by Christopher Friis, a skilled blacksmith and TikTok personality (@friidom2), this workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to the art of blacksmithing, suitable for enthusiasts of all levels.


  • Expert Instruction by Christopher Friis: Gain insights and tips from Christopher, known for his engaging and informative content on TikTok (@friidom2).
  • Live, Interactive Sessions: Participate in real-time, interactive classes that offer a hands-on learning experience from the comfort of your home.
  • Diverse Blacksmithing Techniques: Explore a variety of blacksmithing techniques, from basic forging to advanced metal shaping and finishing.
  • Personalized Projects: Create your own unique metalwork projects, guided by Christopher's expert advice and your personal creativity.
  • Suitable for All Skill Levels: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced smith, the workshop caters to all abilities.

Duration: Each session lasts 2 hours.

Price: $50 USD per session

Booking Information: Secure your spot by purchasing. Spaces are limited to ensure personalized attention.

Connect and Learn: This workshop is more than just a class; it's an opportunity to connect with fellow blacksmithing enthusiasts and be part of a creative community.

Join Christopher Friis for an educational and inspiring journey into the world of blacksmithing. Book your place now and start shaping metal, skills, and friendships!