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Bo Shuriken

  • Name: Skyrim's Whispering Shuriken
  • Type: Ranged Weapon / Throwing Star
  • Origin: The secret forges of the Blades
  • Enchantment: Silent Wind
  • Material: Tamrielic Steel with a Dragon Snot Edge
  • Color: Sleek Silver with a Hint of Ancient Bronze
  • Feature: Aerodynamic Design for Long-Distance Accuracy


  • Precision Crafted: Each shuriken is balanced to perfection, ensuring a true flight path and maximum penetration on impact.
  • Enchanted Edge: The Silent Wind enchantment allows the shuriken to slice through the air without a sound, making it perfect for stealth attacks.
  • Dragon Snot Coating: The edges are coated with a thin layer of dragon snot, giving the shuriken an extra sharpness that can pierce through armor and hide.
  • Aerodynamic Design: The unique shape allows for stable flight over great distances, making it an ideal weapon for ranged combat.
  • Multipurpose Tool: While primarily a weapon, the shuriken can also be used for various utility purposes in the wilds of Skyrim.

Product Description:

Skyrim's Whispering Shuriken is not just a weapon; it's a statement of skill and precision. Great at dealing damage from a distance, these shurikens are the preferred choice for adventurers who excel in the art of the throw. Whether it's taking down a sentry from the battlements or hunting game for the evening's stew, these throwing stars are as versatile as they are deadly.

The dragon snot coating on the blade's edge is a secret known only to the most skilled blacksmiths of the Blades. It ensures that each throw is not only a silent whisper but also a deadly breath, cutting down foes before they can raise the alarm.

Carry them hidden beneath your cloak or strapped to your boot; Skyrim's Whispering Shuriken is the perfect companion for the journeyman, the assassin, or the hero on their quest. With these in your arsenal, you hold the power of distance, damage, and discretion in the palm of your hand.

Price: The value of silence in gold.

Availability: Crafted upon request for those with the knowledge of their existence.