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Dragon's Breath Lockpick

Product Details:

  • Name: Dragon's Breath Lockpick
  • Type: Thieves' Tool
  • Origin: Dragonsbreath Forge
  • Enchantment: Unyielding Precision
  • Material: High-Quality Steel with Dragon Snot Coating
  • Color: Charred Black with a Crimson Sheen
  • Feature: Enhanced Durability for Picking Even the Most Stubborn Locks


  • Supreme Craftsmanship: Each lockpick is handcrafted by the legendary NPC Blacksmith of Dragonsbreath Forge, whose skills are whispered about in the thieves' underground.
  • Wizard's Enchantment: A subtle enchantment ensures a near-silent glide within any lock, reducing the chance of detection while in use.
  • Dragon Snot Coating: The unique coating provides the lockpick with a slight stickiness, ensuring it grips the tumblers of a lock without slipping.
  • Unbreakable Guarantee: The combination of expert forging and magical reinforcement means these lockpicks are nearly impossible to break.
  • Stealthy Operation: Designed for discreet use, the Dragon's Breath Lockpick is the preferred tool for nocturnal operations and high-stakes heists.

Product Description:

The Dragon's Breath Lockpick is not just a tool; it's a lifeline for the ambitious rogue and a prized possession for the master thief. When the difference between freedom and the dungeons of Skyrim hinges on a locked door, this lockpick is your best ally.

Coated with the alchemically treated dragon snot, this lockpick is not only tough but also carries the essence of the dragon's indomitable will. The coating ensures that the enchantment remains potent, allowing for a smooth entry into the most daunting locks—be they ancient chests or modern vaults.

Whether you're delving into forgotten ruins or infiltrating a noble's estate, the Dragon's Breath Lockpick is an indispensable addition to your toolkit. It whispers through the lock with the ease of a shadow passing over the moon, and with it in your pouch, no treasure shall remain beyond reach.

Price: A secret trade for the deft of hand.

Availability: Sought after by those who walk the fine line between law and lore.