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Draugr Skull of your Enemy Beer Mug | Engraved Resin & Stainless Steel Tankard - 400ml for Epic Brew Enthusiasts

"You know what’s wrong with society these days?
Nobody drinks from the skulls of their enemies anymore."

Our Draugr Skull Beer Mug is a bold testament to the era of valiant warriors and epic tales. This 400ml tankard, a nod to the legendary northern sagas, brings the ancient tradition of victory toasts into the comfort of your home.

Meticulously crafted from high-quality resin and lined with stainless steel, this mug is a modern tribute to an age when drinking vessels were as fearsome as the warriors who wielded them.

  1. Echoes of Heroic Deeds: Adorned with horn accents and Norse engravings, this tankard is sure to command the attention of any hall.

  2. A Trophy of Triumph: More than a drinking mug, it is a symbol of conquest, celebrating the old traditions where foes were honored in defeat.

  3. A Fusion of Darkness and Beauty: Its presence is as profound as the long-forgotten crypts it emulates, making it the perfect relic for your collection or feasting table.

  4. Enduring as Legends: Constructed with the same care as a warrior's armor and finished with safe, non-toxic coatings for longevity and resilience.

  5. A Gift of Mythic Proportions: Ideal for those who appreciate the grand narratives of ancient lore or seek to add a touch of the epic to their daily lives.

Lift the Draugr Skull Beer Mug, filled with your noblest brew, and let the spirits of old whisper tales of glory with every sip.


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