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Enchanted Dragon Leaf

Product Details:

  • Name: Enchanted Dragon Leaf
  • Type: Quest Item / Artifact
  • Origin: Dragonsbreath Forge
  • Enchantment: Wizard's Morning Breath Halter
  • Material: Dragon Snot Coated Iron for Durability and Magic Conduction
  • Color: Deep, Obsidian Black with a Hint of Dragonfire Spark
  • Quantity: 1 of the 9 Pieces of Eight Required for the Dragon's Bane Quest


  • Master Blacksmith Forging: Each leaf is the work of the master NPC Blacksmith, whose skill is as legendary as the dragons themselves.
  • Potent Wizard's Enchantment: Infused with a spell by a grand wizard to halt dragonfire when thrown directly into the beast's maw.
  • Dragon Snot Coating: The black coating, a rare alchemical byproduct, ensures the leaf's enchantment is as enduring as it is potent.
  • Dragonfire Quencher: Designed to be thrown into a dragon's mouth, this leaf can stop the dragon's fiery breath, giving warriors the chance to strike.
  • Bad Breath Neutralizer: Not only does it halt fire, but it also freshens the notoriously foul breath of any dragon, a small mercy for close-quarter combatants.

Product Description:

In the annals of Skyrim, few artifacts hold the power to change the course of destiny like the Enchanted Dragon Leaf. Forged in the heart of the Dragonsbreath Forge and coated with the essence of dragon vitality, this leaf is the key to defeating the scaled scourge of the skies.

This obsidian artifact, when hurled with precision into the gaping jaws of a dragon, reacts with the creature's fiery glands, suppressing the flames and providing a crucial opening for heroes to strike. It is said that the leaf's magic also purifies the dragon's breath, a boon to any who have faced the stench of dragon's maw.

Collect all nine pieces of this sacred set, and you will possess the power to silence the dragons' roars of flame. Each leaf is a step closer to peace for our troubled realm, a beacon of hope for the besieged, and a testament to the courage of those who bear it.

Price: The will to face fire.

Availability: Exclusively available to those proven worthy by the NPC Blacksmith of Dragonsbreath Forge.