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Fenrir's Bane | Mjolnir Amulet

Metal Color
Silver Plated
Antique Gold Plated
Antique Silver Plated

Introducing the Mjolnir necklace clasped with 2 wolf heads, a stunning piece of jewelry that pays homage to the complex mythology of ancient Scandinavia. Crafted from high-quality materials, this necklace features a detailed replica of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, clasped together by two ferocious wolf heads.

In Norse mythology, Thor was known as a powerful warrior who was responsible for protecting the world of gods and humans from the forces of chaos and destruction. One of his most feared adversaries was Fenrir, a monstrous wolf who was prophesied to play a role in the end of the world, known as Ragnarok.

The Mjolnir necklace clasped with 2 wolf heads symbolizes the fierce conflict between Thor and the wolves, representing the eternal struggle between order and chaos in the Norse mythos. Whether you're a fan of ancient mythology or simply appreciate the striking design of this necklace, it's sure to make a bold statement and a lasting impression. So why not add a touch of ancient legend to your modern style with the Mjolnir necklace clasped with 2 wolf heads?

Pendant material: High quality zinc alloy
Necklace material:High quality zinc alloy/ leather chain
100% brand new