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Gnome Army

Gnome Army

Gear up for an epic garden adventure with our exclusive Steel-Forged Gnome Army Collectibles Set! Crafted from the finest steel and forged with gnome magic, these collectibles bring an air of whimsy and strength to your gnome army lineup.

🛡️ Meet the Members:

  1. Chief Gnomington - The Supreme Commander:

    • The embodiment of gnome leadership, Chief Gnomington stands tall with a steel cape billowing in the wind. His miniature sword symbolizes his unwavering commitment to the gnome cause.
  2. Number 1 - The Silent Sentinel:

    • Silent, mysterious, and clad in steel armor, Number 1 is the guardian of the gnome secrets. With a stoic expression, this gnome silently watches over the gnome realm.
  3. The Canadian Gnome - Guardian of the Maple Grove:

    • Dressed in a steel Mountie uniform, The Canadian Gnome proudly represents the Great White North in the gnome army. He brings politeness and maple syrup to the battle.
  4. Pumpkin Gnome - The Harvest Hero:

    • With a steel pumpkin head and a harvesting tool in hand, Pumpkin Gnome is ready for autumn battles. This gnome adds a touch of harvest magic to the army's arsenal.
  5. Gnomeo & Gnomet - Dynamic Duo of Gnome Mischief:

    • This pair of mischievous gnomes are welded together. Gnomeo brings the flair, while Gnomet brings the wit. Together, they're a powerhouse of gnome charm.

  6. All Gnoming One - The Crystal Conduit:

    All Gnoming One is a mystical figure with a luminous crystal embedded in his forehead, symbolizing guidance and wisdom. His color-shifting robe and crystal-topped staff signify a deep connection to both the physical and spiritual realms, making him a revered leader among gnomes.


    Knome the Gnome - The Keeper of Gnome Knowledge:

    Knome the Gnome, adorned in symbols of gnome lore, is the guardian of knowledge. With miniature books and scrolls at his belt and a lantern that lights the way, he ensures the traditions and history of gnomes are cherished and preserved.


    Young Gnomingteen - The Sprightly Scout:

    Young Gnomingteen is the epitome of youthful bravery, equipped with light armor and a sharp blade. His agility and spirited nature make him a valuable scout, inspiring his fellow gnomes with his courage and zest for adventure.

🪴Note: These collectibles are made for display purposes only.

Do not feed after midnight, Do Not follow their suggestions or listen to the whispers.