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Handmade Ox Horn Viking Drinking Mug | 100% Natural Buffalo Horn Beer Cup for Weddings and Celebrations


Transport yourself to the heroic era of the Vikings with our Handmade Viking Drinking Mug, carefully sculpted from genuine buffalo horn. Offered in both traditional handgrip and the classic handleless design, each mug is a singular work of art, exemplifying eco-friendly craftsmanship.

This stately mug, at a height of 15CM, holds 380ml to 440ml, ideal for enjoying beers, wines, or meads with historical flair. The handleless design option harks back to ancient times, offering a pure and unadorned vessel for those who appreciate a more direct connection to their drink.

Perfect for adding a touch of history to your special occasions, this Viking Drinking Mug transcends its function to become a centerpiece of conversation. For weddings, feasts, or solitary reflection, it is not just a mug—it's an artifact of a bygone culture, tailored for the modern-day.

Pattern and color will vary. Every horn is unique.