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Invisibility Cloak Pin

Product Details:

  • Name: Invisibility Cloak Pin
  • Type: Magical Accessory
  • Origin: Dragonsbreath Forge
  • Enchantment: Cloak of Invisibility
  • Material: Dragon Snot Coating for Enhanced Magical Affinity
  • Color: Midnight Black with a Hint of Enchanted Shimmer
  • Feature: Discreet Pin for Easy Attachment to Any Garment


  • Elite Enchantment: Bestowed with an invisibility charm by The Wizard, this pin offers a temporary escape from sight.
  • Dragon Snot Coating: The rare and potent coating not only binds the magic to the pin but also reinforces its durability against the elements.
  • Stealth in Combat: Ideal for sneaking past guards, slipping away from danger, or positioning oneself for a strategic advantage in battle.
  • Dragonfire Resistance: The dragon snot imbues the pin with a resistance to dragonfire, protecting the enchantment even in the heat of battle.
  • One-Click Activation: A simple press activates the cloak’s magic, rendering the wearer invisible to the naked eye for a limited duration.

Product Description:

The Invisibility Cloak Pin is a small, unassuming accessory that holds the power to turn the tide of any encounter. With a single touch, it shrouds the wearer in invisibility, allowing for undetected movement and strategic positioning. Whether you are a thief in the night, a spy on a clandestine mission, or a warrior seeking the element of surprise, this pin is your ally.

Forged with a dragon snot coating, the pin is not only a tool of stealth but also a badge of resilience. The snot, harvested from the nostrils of the fiercest dragons, ensures that the magic within is protected from their fiery breath, making it an indispensable asset in any dragon slaying arsenal.

As part of your adventurer's kit, the Invisibility Cloak Pin is essential for those critical moments when visibility is a liability. Its power is finite, so use it wisely and watch as the world becomes oblivious to your presence.

Price: The currency of secrets.

Availability: Limited Edition. Available to those with the courage to venture into the shadows.