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Nailed it!

Product Details:

  • Name: Hand-Forged 5 Cleft Nails
  • Type: Building Material / Blacksmith Craft
  • Crafting Location: Dragonsbreath Forge
  • Material: High-Quality Steel
  • Quantity: Set of 5 Nails


  • Superior Craftsmanship: Each nail is hand-forged by the skilled NPC Blacksmith of Whiterun, ensuring unmatched quality.
  • Five Cleft Design: The unique 5 cleft head provides exceptional grip, reducing the likelihood of wood splitting and ensuring a firm hold.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for building, crafting, and repairs, these nails are suited for everything from constructing sturdy homes to fortifying defenses against the impending dragon threat.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: While designed for function, these nails also add a touch of rustic charm to any construction, be it a simple home or a grand hall.

Product Description:

In the land of Skyrim, where dragons soar and the cold bites to the bone, the strength of one's shelter is paramount. The Hand-Forged 5 Cleft Nails are not mere fasteners; they are the sinews that bind the bones of Nord architecture. Forged in the fires that dragons themselves could not disdain, these nails are as steadfast as the will of the people of Tamriel.

Whether you are a carpenter repairing the damages of a dragon's wrath or a hero mounting your trophy hook to the wall, these nails will serve you well. Each set comes with five nails, enough to start a project of any ambition. Trust in the craftsmanship that has endured the ages, and let the Hand-Forged 5 Cleft Nails be the foundation of your endeavors.