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Natural Lung Cleansing Mix (30g)

Fir and Cedar freshly harvested and slow dried for shipping.

This 50-50 blend is amazing for clearing out the lungs. 

If you're quitting smoking or trying to get over a cold, simply put some into boiled water and breathe the vapors. 

The infused steam opens the lungs, dislodges mucus and tar allowing you to cough it up. 
Do not be afraid to cough. There is only one way to get that gunk out of your lungs! 

Steam Inhalation To Naturally Cleanse The Lungs

Steam therapy is known to open the airways and relieve mucus inside the lungs. By inhaling steam water vapor it is putting warmth and moisture inside your lungs which helps to cleanse pollutants stuck in mucus. This is also a great therapy if you have trouble in dryer, cold climates. Steam inhalation can relieve current symptoms and is easy to do at home. 

To practice steam therapy all you need is a large glass bowl (or a bowl that can with stand heat), boiling water and a bath towel. 


How To Practice Steam Therapy

  • Boil enough filtered water to fill your large glass bowl 3/4 of the way
  • Pour hot water inside bowl at table height (please use caution when pouring hot water or moving it around)
  • Sit next to your bowl so you are able to hold your head a safe distance above the bowl of hot water
  • Drape a bath towel over your head in order to cover your head and bowl so the steam is more concentrated (if this begins to become too hot or uncomfortable remove the towel half or all the way and inhale the steam in and open space)

Caution: Please use extreme caution when practicing steam therapy to not burn yourself.