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Operation Shield Wall

Dear Friends and Fellow Adventurers,

In our many quests together, I've often asked for your bravery and strength to help save the kingdom from dragons and dark forces. Forging items for your entertainment. Today, I come to you with a different kind of plea, one that is deeply personal and urgent.

My own kingdom, my family, is facing a daunting challenge. My son, the heart of my realm, needs a champion in the form of a Supreme Court lawyer to fight a crucial legal battle. This is a fight I cannot win alone, and I am turning to you, my courageous companions, for aid.

The path ahead is treacherous and the stakes are higher than any dragon we've faced. The cost of hiring a skilled Supreme Court lawyer is beyond my lone capabilities, but together, I believe we can gather the resources needed to ensure justice and protection for my son.

Your support in this quest means more than gold or treasure; it's a lifeline for my family during our most trying time. Any contribution, big or small, brings us closer to victory and the safety of my son.

I'm not just looking for a hand out, though I do welcome any monetary donation support. 

Please join me in this battle to save my kingdom, my family. Your help can make all the difference in turning the tide in our favor.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Christopher Friis