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Viking Arm Ring | Forged by Friidom2


The arm ring, or oath ring, is a symbol of manhood in Norse culture.

At the age a Viking boy becomes a man he is given an arm ring by his Earl, swearing his allegiance to the Earl and being considered a man as far as rights are concerned. At this age the arm ring fits only on the bicep. As the young man grows the arm ring no longer fits the bicep and moves down to the upper forearm. Lastly when the young man is fully grown the arm ring is worn around the wrist, signaling full adulthood. 

Any oath sworn upon your arm ring is unbreakable. For if you do, shame follows you and you shall never see Valhalla. 

Christopher Friis of Friis Forge makes these steel Arm Rings at his forge in Canada.

Every arm ring is made to order, please allow up to two weeks for the arm ring to be completed and shipped.

If you would like runes added, please email Friis Forge stating what runes you want in what order. Skal! 

IMPORTANT! Leave a note on checkout after your order so you can let him know what runes to carve.

100% of sale goes to Friis Forge, support your favourite Viking Blacksmith today! 

Any questions please email and they will get back to you!