Vikinger Blood

The Budget Cutter Katana

The Budget Cutter Katana

Vikinger Blood

The Budget Cutter Katana

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This 40 1/2" blade is made from 1045 carbon steel. 
This water hardening monosteel is strong enough to hold an edge and stands up well to proper use. 

The tang features the more modern 2 pin construction, ensuring the simulated ray skin Tsuka (handle) will not break if weilded less than perfectly. 

Be extremely careful, comes sharp and well oiled. 
*Artwork on saya or hilt may vary 


"The quality is super! Such a pretty ring!"


Shirt fits exact to its measurements, glad I went oversized! (I want it a little baggy)


Couldn't be happier! Came quickly considering the pandemic.


For THOR! I saw this ring and HAD to have it. Absolutely perfect!

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