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Unlimited Power Hammer Donation

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Unlimited Power Hammer Donation
2020 was hard on us all. For me it meant 3 months of no work at the worst time. I had saved up almost 6000cad to buy this exact 33lb power hammer BUT not working while still having a mortgage to pay ate through that in what seemed like a blink of an eye. 

It was the suggestion of my followers that if even a fraction of my almost 500k followers that could, donated a couple bucks we could have the power hammer in short order. 

With this power hammer I am going to be going full time blacksmith and specalize in forging swords. I have planned MANY swords I am going to make and sell right here on Vikinger Blood. 

Do my videos help you? Would you help me and my family and in turn yourself and all others who love my content? 

I would be cery greatful if you did. To show my gratitude I will write your name on the power hammer once its here, immortalizing you for your contribution. I will also shout you out on tiktok and you will be invited to a special livestream where I write your name on the power hammer. 

My eternal gratitude, your own shout out tiktok video where I will do a pushup for every dollar you donate, your name written on the power hammer, a special livestream AND once the power hammer is secured you will be getting a special discount code to get you an item of your choosing from vikinger blood at my cost. 

What are you waiting for? Secure your part in this legacy now!  
For #UnlimitedPowerHammer

If you wish to donate more than 5$ you can add a tip or hit the + to add 5 more.
The biggest donatons get the best spots on the power hammer to match.

If you prefer, PayPal is also an option



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